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Shelly popularly known as Shells Belles is the founder and CEO of Shells Belles Kidz, and is widely considered as a fresh and promising face in the Afro-Western fusion fashion industry. Shelly was born in Laramie, Wyoming US, where she spent her early years before moving back to the South Eastern part of Nigeria, where her parents hailed from. The 16 years she spent in Nigeria were very formative and left a lasting impression on her creative instincts.


While in Nigeria, Shelly took a keen interest in the rich colorful Ankara and African lace fabrics. It was there that she envisioned the potential to merge the pomp and festive flamboyance of African Ankara prints with the demure western styles and designs. This vision, however, was to be delayed and give way to a pursuit of a professional career in the sciences. This pursuit culminated in a relocation back to the US, where she built a successful career in the pharmaceutical sector as a Doctor of Pharmacy and Health Economist.



       Stylish * Modern * Ankara Inspired

All through this time, her passion for designs and fashions neither wavered nor waned, rather, her creative instincts were further enriched with western design influences. It is against this backdrop that Shelly decided to establish Shells Belles Kidz as a vehicle to accomplish her vision. With Shells Belles Kidz, Shelly has envisioned and carved a niche in the children’s fashion industry, a niche that delivers on Ankara-inspired quality print silk, sequin and chiffon fabrics and finishings for that Western preppy and party look. Beyond creating the styles for Shells Belles Kidz, Shelly takes pride in carefully choosing and custom designing every print for Shells Belles Kidz clothing line, drawing her inspirtion from the vibrant and colorful original Ankara design prints.  


Beyond creating and designing for Shells Belles, Shelly acknowledges that her primary and foremost job is being wife and mom-in-chief to three children. And Shelly admits that her fashion line and designs are truely inspired by her two lovely and vibrant daughters Zinachi and Munachi, now 8 and 5, respectively, who are quite fashion picky and assertive.

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