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A Maryland Girl Scout Group Channels Old and Modern Nigeria Themes to Celebrate Black History Month

By shellsbelleskids, Feb 24 2017 04:25PM

So refreshing to see the girls scout troupe from Silver Spring, MD incorporate traditional and modern African themes into their scout event in honor of black history month. Nnenna Nwaneri Egwim and her daughters, the host of the event had so much fun pulling this off. The event included activities of lesson sharing about old and modern Nigeria, sampling Nigerian music, art, history, cuisine and an African fashion show exhibit.

My eyes definitely sparkled when I saw these images for many reasons. Firstly, the irresistible beauty of the very ethnic and near extinct traditional attires adorned by the girls. Near extinct because these are not attires you'll typically find folks wearing on the streets of Accra, Lagos or Nairobi. But somehow these attires have persisted the test of modern times and continue to remain symbolic of the southeastern Nigerian culture and heritage.

Secondly, I was elated and very validated to see some of the girls wear our Shells Belles Kidz African ankara inspired dresses from past summer collection. It was fulfilling because part of our vision and value proposition with Shells Belles Kids is finding that sweet spot where the traditional African ankara print appeal meets modern western girl style appeal, without clashing. So, to see our collection fit into Nnenna's vision for an African themed Girl Scout event honoring black history month was a nod, a good nod.

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