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Shells Naija is the lead designer and founder of Shells Belles Kidz. She is widely considered as a fresh and promising face in the kids fashion industry. With Shells Belles, Shells Naija envisions to carve a unique niche in the children’s fashion industry. A niche that delivers on using African Ankara-inspired print on quality silk, satin, sequin and chiffon fabrics to tailor western inspired designs for that beautiful and elegant style.

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About Ankara Print

The ankara print, originated from Holland and the name is believed to have its origin from a Turk girl named Ankara. In the 18th century, without a glamorous look, the print was regarded indigenous. But today, with its rich and vibrant colors, the Ankara print has undergone a magic transformation to become a sizzling go-to fashion print for top designers.

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Using Ankara-inspired print fabrics, Shells Belles has envisioned and carved out a niche in the children's fashion industry. A niche that transformatively  takes the original cotton Ankara print to the more luxuriant and quality silk, chiffon and sequin fabrics to create eccentric kid designs creatively finished and tailored to the western party and preppy look. The transformation doesn't stop there, to further ensure the exclusivity and uniqueness of Shells Belles designs, Shells Naija, the lead designer has carefully custom designed every print used in the collection.  

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